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DOI-prefix: 10.18527/2500-2236

Current Issue

Volume 5, Number 1, 2018



Competition for the best publication (6 cash prizes for winners)

After the successful review process (2 positive reviews from 3 reviewers), all the manuscripts will be published in the MIR journal. The authors of the best 6 papers will be awarded


How to make artificially created organisms safe?


A new system for the search for antimicrobial peptides


New antibiotics to fight Gram-negative bacteria

In the recent paper, "Predictive compound accumulation rules yield a broad-spectrum antibiotic", published in Nature by Michelle F. Richter et al. (Nature, London, UK, 2017, doi: 10.1038/nature22308) the group of chemists from the University of Illinois (USA) reported results of their study on accumulation of more than 150 diverse chemical compounds in E. coli


ISIRV recruiting for an exciting new role


What is the probability of getting the flu in 2017?

According to the data published by the World Health Organization (WHO), influenza activity in the Northern Hemisphere began to increase significantly in December 2016


Professor Oleg Kiselev

Professor Oleg Kiselev, director of the Research Institute of Influenza since 1988, died on November 24 2015 at the age of 70.